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We help start-ups develop financial discipline around their business. 

Organized financial books means… 

Better Visibility on Business Performance

Knowing where money comes in, where it goes out

Build Confidence

Develop a sense of where business is trending

Knowing Where to Invest

Putting effort into where it matters most

Getting Better Access to Funding

Investors and debtors love financial transparency


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Connecting Dots

What We Do?

We help you build financial capabilities with these 4 steps to excellence: 


Cloud Accounting


Financial Compliance


Management Reporting


Budget & Planning

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Real-Time Support: 

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What is cloud accounting? In simple terms, your company's journal entries are stored in a secure cloud server that can be accessed anywhere / anytime you want, so you never loose sight of your business financials. 

Real-Time Support: 

We have dedicated accountants to service your company remotely daily - making sure your entries correctly follow the business

We teach you to issue quotations / invoices directly using the accounting application on your mobile phone or online

Fool-Proof Accounting: 

Send us your supporting documents every time you spend - we will book it for you. 

Each accounting entry has supporting documents attached to it - so you never have to sort through tons of paper to find your documents 


Hassle-free auditing - we have a network of auditors, ensuring your annual audit is on time and effortless. 

Supporting documentations are uploaded and stored with every entry, so auditing will be a breeze for you and your auditor. 

Real-time access to your financial performance:

Anytime you are wonder if you have missed a vendor payment or have outstanding money to collect, you can check directly on your mobile the latest financial status. 

You can also assess the profitability of the company or particular project live, never check look back only to realize you made a loss on a project

You can access to your company's financials as long as you have access to the internet - through laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (app available). 

Cloud Accounting

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